Any person who has lived in Montreal or still lives is completely aware of the kind of energy and aura that governs it. This makes it extremely difficult to make an outline of what to do and what to see when you’re in Montreal. Making such a list would be a tedious task and whoever actually tries to see everything, they are sure to run out of time on their hands. But if one comes to Montreal for the first time, it’s good to have a general list as to which places are worth running towards from the point of architecture, history, culture or cuisine.

A food tour is a good option

Montreal is commonly known as a great place for a foodie to spend time. They may be really good at cooking greasy food but that should not mean that there are no other recipes in their books. Montreal’s per capita restaurants is more compared to New York City.

Take a walk on St. Paul Street

If one decides to see old Montreal, it is the best thing ever. But more often than not, we find ourselves in a time crunch and in these situations, a walk along St. Paul street would go a long way in summarizing the flavor of the older parts of European Montreal.

Basilique Notre Dame

Even if a person is not a tremendous fan of religion and buildings related to it, this basilica cannot be missed by anyone in their right mind. The gothic facades’ beauty is known all around the world and just so you know, Celine Dion got married right here!

Look at the boutiques of Mile End

The heart of fashion in Montreal lies at Mile End and that makes it the reason to be called Montreal’s Soho. The boutiques in this area are so great, they’re sure to keep enthusiast engrossed for a large fraction of the day. A few recommendations would be Unicorn, Annex Vintage, Clark Mercantile, Vestibule and Boucle and Papier.

Biodome brings you closer to animal life

Visiting the Space for Life in Montreal is an absolute must do which should be tried to accommodate the schedules of any visitor. Different sorts of display of animal ecosystems in Canada are at full-fledged display. These include many cute animals and the penguin as well.

Sauntering on Plateau Mont-Royal

For a frequent visitor or resident, Plateau would be a very common recommendation as the architecture there is tremendously elegant to look at. The entire street and neighborhood have such a comfortable appeal to it that you just want to spend your time at local shops and cafes while looking at different kinds of people.

The craft beer locally deserves a taste

Craft beer is so great, people in Montreal like to entertain guests and show them the Montreal craft beer production by taking them on a tour. The people love beer and craft beer is just a class apart.