It is undeniable that Montreal is that city which makes Canada a whole lot popular! The culture here is so vibrant and different that you feel it right from the moment you step foot inside Montreal. Situated in the province of Quebec, it is the place with the second highest population number. People used to call it Ville Marie or the City of Mary and is centered on the island of Montreal. Every aspect of nature and people in Montreal contribute in a big way to how the city is and gives it a whole another level of distinctiveness. Here are 9 facts about Montreal which are worth knowing.

Underground city

Montreal has various subterranean structures which bring out several shortcuts which the locals there love to utilize for different reasons.

Every season brings something special

The city is always alive and has something specific to a specific month. The city has something going on, be it the Igloo fest in winter or the POP in fall.

The art and graffiti culture

Most governments and municipalities treat graffiti as acts of vandalism but Montreal patronizes such artists. They respect every form of art, be it street culture.

The student population is huge

Montreal has 4 universities like Sherbrook located within it as well as numerous colleges, secondary schools, and Cegeps as well. The city’s youth life keeps it breathing and energetic as they bring cultures from all around the world to here.

Residents stand together against atrocities

Even within Canada, people from Montreal are easily identifiable as they are fearless when it comes to standing up for each other and fighting back against bad situations. Not just a cool party scene all the time, they do not shy away from waging war.

It is built on a mountain

The name Montreal came from the words Mount Royal, which completely defines Montreal and it is built on it. A beautiful view of the mountains and skyline, which would not change due to building height restrictions limiting man-made construction lower than the level of Mount Royal.

It is actually an Island

It is one of 400 islands situated in the St. Laurence River and that makes it fully surrounded by water. The native people there take pride in not being a part of a province and fully independent.

Grandeur of celebration

Part of the reason why Montreal is such a rare gem of a city is due to the variety of festivals that they celebrate. Out of these festivals, three happen to be specific to Montreal, like the Jazz festival, International Fireworks festival and Francofolie, which is bigger than any other French music fest.

Habitat 67

The architecture of a place really defines it in a whole different way. Habitat 67 was built by Israeli- Canadian architect by the name of Moshe Safdie. The entire country or even the word cannot claim to have this structure because it looks like something which defines Canada as a landmark.

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